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The world’s only award-winning travel guide 
with all the locations of ‘Inferno’


Helena Julian
Hot on the Trail of Dan Brown's 'Inferno'
Thriller Locations in Florence, Venice & Istanbul



The best companion when 'Inferno' movie
starring Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon
starts October 2016!



This award-winning travel guide brings fans to all the original locations of Dan Brown’s ‘Inferno’. Stick to the heels of Robert Langdon and follow him through Florence, Venice, and Istanbul – very amusing and completely harmless!

Do the secret doors and passageways in the Palazzo Vecchio really exist? How can you reach the deadly attic? And did Dante Alighieri have a beloved?

Helena Julian has inspected all the thriller-locations personally. She has followed the novel heroes at every turn through the gorgeous cities of Florence, Venice, and Istanbul presenting all the important novel locations and buildings. More than 180 colored photos, historical facts about Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’ and Florence in the Middle Ages as well as numerous inside tips for the thriller-trip make this guide the ideal travel companion for at home and on the road. In addition: tips for the Inferno-tours, hotels, and restaurants including an amusing extra - diary anecdotes of the author hot on the trail!

For her original travel guide, Helena Julian received the Premio ENIT, a special award for best books about Italy, awarded by the National Italian Tourism Agency ENIT.

200 pages, over 180 colored photos
ISBN 978-3-9818037-7-8 (e-pub)
ISBN 978-3-9818037-9-2 (mobi)
interactive e-book
€ 9,99


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Foreign Rights

Katharina Holtmann 

The Travel Guide to Donna Leon's Novels

Following the most famous italian commissario, Guido Brunetti, through his home town Venice and finding out where Donna Leon's worldwide criminal bestsellers are located. Includes a lot of insider informations: where to find original cuisine and wines, where to meet Donna Leon having breakfast, where to find best places to stay.
Special: Have a look at Paola Brunettis kitchen.

First published october 2006
4th edition 2014
180 pages
more than 130 coloured pictures, 5 maps, 11 recipes "Paola Brunettis original venetian dishes"
17 x 24 cm
ISBN 978-3-9815335-7-6
€ 19,99
e-book 978-3-9815335-3-8 (e-pub)



Oliver Mittelbach:

The Travel Guide to Patrick Süskinds 'Perfume'

Following the murderer Jean-Baptiste Grenouille to Paris, Grasse, the Provence and the Côte d'Azur. Includes 18 pages 'making of the Hollywood movie 'The Perfume''

Published august 2006, 132 pages, more than 110 pictures
11,5 x 19 cm, Paperback


Netherlands: Uitgeverij Prometheus

Russia: AST Publishers

China: People's Literature Publishing House

Taiwan: China Times Publishing Company

Denmark: Rosenkilde 



Oliver Mittelbach:

The Travel Guide to Dan Brown's Thrillers

A thriller-tour following the worldwide bestsellers 'The Da Vinci Code', located in Paris, London and Edinburgh, 'Angels and Demons', located in Rome, and 'Desception Point', located in Sevilla. Includes 12 pages 'making of the Hollywood movie 'The Da Vinci Code''

Published july 2005 (3rd edition may 2006), 148 pages, more than 100 coloured pictures
11,5 x 19 cm, Paperback


Spain: Santillana Ediciones Generales

Russia: AST Publishers

Hungary: Melotrade KFT Partvonal

China: People's Literature Publishing House

Taiwan: China Times Publishing House

Thailand: Amarin Printing & Publishing Company

Czech Rebublic: Metafora

Poland: Wydawnictwo Amber

Romania: Rao International Publishing

Slovakia: Columbus s.r.o.

Denmark: Rosenkilde



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